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Upgrade and Renovate Flooring Services in Dubai

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and services to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. With years of expertise and ongoing research, our team stands prepared to cater to your interior design requirements. We take pleasure in enhancing the comfort of your home.

Bloomsford has been engaged in the realm of international consulting services since 2017. Throughout this period, Bloomsford has cultivated an exceptional reputation for our craftsmanship. Our expertise, coupled with our remarkable organisational prowess and the top-tier quality of our materials, has garnered recognition from the most discerning clients within the Elite Society.

Our mission is to empower individuals to transform their creative visions into tangible realities that are uniquely their own. Leveraging our extensive experience, operational efficiency, impeccable coordination, unwavering reliability, and adaptability, we are well-equipped to manage a wide spectrum of projects across the UAE, ranging from prestigious seven-star hotels to small, yet luxurious, villas.

We offer below dream to reality services:

a) Interior and Exterior Painting

When you’ve decided to enhance your home in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE with a fresh coat of paint, it’s essential to choose the right type of paint for your project. While you can opt for a professional painter, it’s beneficial to have a good understanding of your needs and preferences.

Let’s start with the basics. There are two major types of paints:

Latex Paint:
Latex paint is the preferred choice for painters in Dubai and the UAE due to its ease of application and touch-up, water-based cleanup, non-flammability, and quick drying. However, it contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are known carcinogens. Many brands have worked to reduce or eliminate VOCs in their paints.
Alkyd Paint:
Alkyd paint, or oil-based paint, is commonly used when a high-gloss, durable finish is required, making it popular among carpenters in Dubai and the UAE. It is well-suited for furniture, cabinetry, and trims. Alkyd paints can be cleaned repeatedly without losing their color, but they have a longer drying time, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Other types :

There are numerous other types of paint, with epoxy paint being a notable option. This paint is often used in garages and high-traffic areas that endure frequent wear and tear. It’s also commonly found on outdoor basketball courts.

When choosing the type of paint for your home in Dubai, consider factors like scratch resistance, especially in rooms prone to scratches and bumps. Alkyd paints, known for their scratch resistance, are suitable for use on floors, doors, trims, and similar surfaces

In summary, understanding the different types of paint and their characteristics can help you make informed choices for your painting project in Dubai, ensuring that your space is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Humidity :

Paint can be influenced by the moisture in the air, and it’s crucial to select paints capable of withstanding high humidity levels, particularly in places like bathrooms. Typically, paints with greater gloss levels exhibit superior resistance to humidity.

Glossiness :
When considering glossiness, it’s important to note that glossy paints have greater durability and are less susceptible to scratches compared to matte paints. The level of gloss you prefer is a matter of personal preference, but it’s crucial to consider the practicality of the paint type.

Choosing Paint for Your Dubai Home:

To decide on the level of glossiness, consider your cleaning preferences. Glossier paints are easier to clean. For areas prone to mess and experimental art projects, like a child’s playroom, glossy paint is a practical choice. Kitchens are also ideal candidates for glossy paints, making it easier to wipe off grease during cooking. However, it’s important to note that glossy paints tend to reveal bumps and scratches more prominently than non-glossy options, so they may not be the best choice for highly visible spaces like the living room.

Choosing Paint Colors:

Color selection is a personal choice. If you’re painting for a move-out job, which is often required by landlords in the UAE, opting for a simple white and cost-effective paint is a practical approach.

With this basic knowledge, you’re well-prepared to tackle your painting project. If you decide to seek assistance for your painting job in the UAE, Bloomsford is here to help.

Now, you’re ready to embark on your painting project – happy painting!

So that’s it! Get painting!

b) Gypsum and False Ceiling works:

We excel in delivering top-quality wall partitions and false ceiling installations. Whether it’s Gypsum, Metal, Wood, or Decorative panels, our team’s expertise is a key factor that sets us apart as leading service providers in the industry.

c) Wallpaper installation:

Whether you seek to enhance your home’s aesthetics, revamp your corporate office or showroom, or add a touch of sophistication to a trade exhibition, we offer premium wallpaper supply and installation services. If you have a specific design or print in mind, we can bring that vision to life.

At Bloomsford, we boast a dedicated team of professional wallpaper installers who are extensively trained to provide you with the service you rightfully deserve.

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