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Dubai Landscaping Company

At Bloomsford, we prioritize quality and service to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. With our extensive experience and ongoing research, our expert team is fully prepared to cater to your interior design requirements. Our mission is to enhance the comfort of your home and commercial space to create a astethic that truly reflects your unique style and personality. Discover the difference that our dedicated team can make for your living spaces.

At Bloomsford, we take pride in delivering comprehensive landscaping services tailored for both residential and commercial needs. Our seasoned team of experts brings a wealth of experience, skill, and unwavering professionalism to every project. We view every garden and pool as a canvas for our unique creative vision, elevating them from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our team of skilled landscapers in the UAE is dedicated to enhancing your space.

As one of the most highly regarded landscaping companies in the UAE, our passion for our work drives us to consistently pursue nothing less than absolute perfection in every project we undertake. We revel in what we do, and that enthusiasm shines through in the excellence of our services. 

Services we offer :

a) Artificial Turf for Landscaping & Sports:

Our artificial turf not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also promotes year-round water conservation. It is designed to be skin-friendly and safe for both children and pets. Additionally, we offer services to create top-quality sports pitches for your players. All our turf is ISO and FIFA certified, ensuring the highest quality and is highly UV resistant.

b) Interlocking tiles / Paving works :

Bloomsford specializes in providing interlocking tiles and kerbstones, ideal for landscaping, schools, and high-traffic areas. Our products are known for their exceptional strength, durability, low maintenance requirements, and a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. This variety allows us to give each location a distinctive and unique appearance. Our proven performance has made these solutions widely popular in various sectors across the UAE.

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