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Our Features

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1. Consultancy

We’re here to help you design the best flooring around you. We specialize in the flooring industry which gives us knowledge and expertise to come up with a

  • Design suggestion which sync with the overall interior of the building
  • Material recommendation that would suit the area according to the cost and quality requirement
  • Supplier selection consultancy that would suit the project needs

2. Pre-Installation testing

There is a team of experts who does the pre-installation testing. It is very important task before the preparation and installation as it gives the idea of how to start and where to start.

  • Check for the ideal moisture content
  • Check for the surface leveling
  • Check for the humidity level
  • Identify the floor cracks

3. Preparation

The preparation before the installation is as important as the installation itself. If it is ignored or done by an amateur, it can lead to untidy floor installation leaving all the hard work and expenditure futile.

  • Fill the cracks with repair material
  • Grind the floor
  • Level the floor with self-leveling compounds
  • Cut the flooring material according to the drawings

4. Installation

We take pride in having a highly skilled and diverse workforce for the installation of your floors. Staff with technical expertise and years of experience make sure that the installation is done with the best quality leaving no margin for discrepancies.

5. After sales service

Our task just doesn’t end at Installation. We make sure you enjoy the smoothness and the ambiance of our work even after our job is done and the defect liability period is completed.

6. Warrantees

The products that we bring to you have the best quality. To be more responsible and reliable we have the contingency plan for all of our products and services. If you are under the given warranty period and the product gets damaged, you can make your claims according to the pre-decided terms and conditions. We would be glad to assist you in every possible way.


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